Wednesday, September 16, 2009



I discuss 2 programs which try to mimic stars in the sky.

Program 1 (
This program comes along with examples in the official pygame package , very nice introductory example. With every mouse click the supposed center of the screen moves to that point. Creates a good illusion and can be used as the start-up for further futuristic starry games and animations.

Video 1. Program 1

Program 2 (
I came across this example from Chapter 8 of Will's book, this example creates an illusion that the stars close to the observer are moving faster than those in the background, unlike last example ... a mouse click does no good to the program ! once again a good program and can be used as background for futuristic games.

Video 2. Program 2

It is worth nothing that both these Pygame GUI's generate random stars and does not use any images to blit the screen.


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