Friday 31 July 2009



Another game of chance with Pygame ! with a piratey touch to it ! The tokens used in the slot machine are (1) The Jolly Roger (2) Pirate mate (3) Anchor (4) Treasure-map and (5) Gun.

5 Tokens , 3 slots ! ......

Fig1. Randomisation is achieved with 3 variables

May be the best game of chance I have made , the obvious thread can be traced to Pygame Dice and Pygame Toss discussed here earlier.

Fig2. Start-up screen

Fig3.User-Input Screen

Fig4. 'Loser' Getting all 3 different tokens

Fig5. 'Good Job' Getting at least '2' similar tokens

Fig6. 'Winner' Getting all '3'

Video1. Pirate slot-machine

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